Things i did today

March 4, 2008 at 10:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Woke up 2 hours earlier than normal. Baisakhi mam called. She had some work. Went to her office and did it.

Then went to hall1, Sandeep’s room, slept for 3 hours i think. India defeated Australia. I guess the two were related.

Went to my room in the evening and had a bath after many days. Received my first birthday gift this year. Came by post from Silchar.

Went to LH more, called and thanked the sender.

Bought a 100 Rs topup.

Went to see Gandhi in action in the basketball tournament.

Went to the LUG server room to fix a problem i had created.

Came back to hall1 and had a TPR meeting.

Downloaded Mandriva 2008 and openSuSE 11 alpha.

Collected the email ids of 20 companies from their websited…. which is not a very easy  job by the way.

So in hindsight…. it was a busy day….. and i loved it 🙂

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