March 17, 2008 at 11:16 pm (Uncategorized)

I always believed Goenka was a better candidate than Rakshit. I also know that Goenka is a bigger threat than Rakshit to Shreyank. Having said that, i am obviously a Shreyank supporter. He is a good friend of mine. Over the past year i have spent a lot of time with him as an active LUG member. His attitude just blows me off. Works tirelessly and is so dedicated. I will never forget and always regret that he never got his due share in the success of CodeCracker. He would stay awake all night and watch at the screen and the Mysql database, as 2-3 submissions would trickle down from the ladies hostels. He was integral part of the systems testing.  He also does all the background TPR work. Above all he is a simple and honest man.  So is Goenka. Honestly speaking, whoever wins now, will be just fine. Both are good men. But Shreyank’s win will boost the already vigorated LUG. Those are my reasons for supporting him.



  1. shrink said,

    im flattered !!

  2. Rishi said,

    But everythin is reversed now… 🙂

  3. Zahid said,

    Frankly I wanted to write on the elections myself but did not for some strange reason of hurting one or the other !!!!

  4. Debayan said,

    That is one risk i took… and luckily no one got hurt yet!

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