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March 17, 2008 at 11:09 pm (Uncategorized)

14th March saw the arrival of dgplug members at NIT Durgapur. After a lot of running around college authorities in vain, we finally arranged the Application lab in the IT Department. Many thanx to our HOD Sir. Prof S. Choudhary without whose help it would all be a big mess. IT dept is the best, proved again!!

Anyways, Mr. Kushal Das arrived along with 5 more members of dgplug. All were students were of BC Roy Engg. College, Durgapur. They came on time, and things began more or less on time too. KD took out his laptop full of open source and distro related stickers. He then gave us so many stickers and tatoos. It was a pleasant surprise. We had some problems trying to configure his laptop with the lab’s net connection, but it eventually worked.

They first began by talking about the activities of dgplug. Then on our request he spoke about Google summer of Code and the LinuxChix project. The dgp co-ordinator of LinuxChix project was also present. Among the six people present, two were Fedora ambassadors. There were two summer of code participants among them too.

We were introduced to the IRC channel freenode.net. We met some open-source developers there. KD spoke about proprietary formats like doc and why we should not use them. He also urged us to begin contributing upstream. He spoke about the popular FOSS conventions held in India.

At the end he taught us a thing or two about patch and diff and then reporting bugs.

We then proceeded to CityCentre for Lunch. We had a nice meal and then saw them off. We look forward to a productive and fun filled association with dgplug in the future.

Now for the grudges i still have. The biggest and everlasting grudge would be that it was not video taped. I had arranged for a few Nokia N72s , but as soon as it began it completely bounced off my head. Not even a single picture was taken by us… what a shame :-(. KD did have a cool Nikkon SLR, and he did take a few snaps in during lunch.

Hearing all the things he said, i so wished i could turn back time, go to standard 11 and start over. I turned 22 day before yesterday, and it felt kinda bad. Not to be a part of this thing.

I distributed all the cool Firefox stickers… dint get any myslef 😦

Anyways, good things are happening. It feels nice. I hope our college will be at the forefront of FOSS in India soon.

Click here, here, here ,here to read how they felt .


  1. Arindam Ghosh said,

    Someone said to me better start late than never 🙂
    Btw, belated happy birthday dude…didn’t know at that point of time

  2. debayan said,

    Thanx a lot for the birthday wish man…. by the way i also believe that its never too late to start something good. Hence here we are.

  3. Kushal , kD & FOSS » Blog Archive » My last trip to Durgapur, visit to doctor, Fedora install fest, talks said,

    […] Last 2 days I spent to present some introductory talks in NITDGP or BCET. You can read more about that here. […]

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