A Problem Solved

April 24, 2008 at 8:14 pm (Uncategorized)

I found out a way to remote control a Linux installation over the network. This means no more installation problems in the ladies hostels.

(01:20:19 AM) debayan: shrink: i tried a gr8 new thing today
(01:20:25 AM) shrink has changed the topic to: || http://live.gnome.org/GnomeLove|| ||Welcome to Linux Users’ Group, NIT Durgapur||
(01:20:35 AM) shrink: debayan, what ?
(01:21:01 AM) debayan: shrink: i remote controlled a openSUSE installation via VNC
(01:21:17 AM) debayan: shrink: that means you can now install linux in the LH
(01:21:22 AM) debayan: shrink: sitting in your room
(01:21:25 AM) shrink: debayan, so thats wht we do using vnc
(01:21:29 AM) debayan: shrink: its very sinple
(01:21:33 AM) shrink: ohh
(01:21:35 AM) debayan: shrink: haah
(01:21:41 AM) shrink: okk
(01:21:43 AM) shrink: bol bol
(01:21:49 AM) shrink: i need that badly
(01:21:56 AM) debayan: shrink: yeah man seriously
(01:22:05 AM) debayan: shrink: and we need to tell them that its possible
(01:22:07 AM) shrink: debayan, bata jaldi
(01:22:20 AM) debayan: shrink: look, suppose you are the gal
(01:22:20 AM) shrink: debayan, ya that you leave to me
(01:22:25 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:22:31 AM) debayan: shrink: and i am the LUG guy
(01:22:36 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:22:43 AM) debayan: shrink: you pop in the DVD and u boot
(01:22:51 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:22:55 AM) debayan: shrink: u get the Boot option of suse
(01:23:01 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:23:15 AM) debayan: 1. Boot from hard disk    2. Installation  etc etc
(01:23:21 AM) shrink: debayan, yaya
(01:23:24 AM) debayan: highlight 2.Installation
(01:23:30 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:23:37 AM) debayan: then type vnc=1 vncpasswd=hahahoho  make sure the password is minimum 8 characters long
(01:23:56 AM) debayan: this gets typed as the argument at the bottom
(01:24:01 AM) debayan: then press enter
(01:24:18 AM) debayan: then it proceeds
(01:24:26 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:24:28 AM) debayan: and then it asks you to select a network interface card
(01:24:28 AM) shrink: fine
(01:24:31 AM) debayan: select eth0
(01:24:33 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:24:35 AM) debayan: and then select DHCP
(01:24:38 AM) debayan: then it will proceed again
(01:24:41 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:24:55 AM) debayan: and will come and halt at a screen that will tell you the IP address assigned to ur machine
(01:25:13 AM) debayan: and it will also tell you how to connect to ur machine now via vnc
(01:25:21 AM) debayan: now i will open a vnc viewer
(01:25:27 AM) debayan: in the browser or normal vncviewer client
(01:25:36 AM) debayan: if browser then type http://galsip:5801
(01:25:41 AM) debayan: and then enter the password
(01:25:49 AM) debayan: and i will have the installer on  my screen
(01:25:55 AM) debayan: any confusion??
(01:26:32 AM) debayan: tera ip jo assign hua na DHCP mein……
(01:26:38 AM) shrink: ok
(01:26:46 AM) shrink: your ip
(01:26:48 AM) debayan: http://thegalsip:5801 if you are using a browser, if using vncviewer then simply galsip:1
(01:26:48 AM) shrink: ok
(01:27:05 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:27:08 AM) debayan: the LUG guywill type this in the browser
(01:27:09 AM) shrink: http:// bhi
(01:27:12 AM) debayan: haan
(01:27:17 AM) debayan: arey vnc use nahi kiya hai kya
(01:27:24 AM) debayan: i will use vnc to access ur screen now
(01:27:26 AM) debayan: thats it
(01:27:35 AM) shrink: kiya kiya
(01:27:39 AM) debayan: ok
(01:27:43 AM) debayan: samjha naa totally??
(01:27:50 AM) shrink: vnc me apne http to nahi daalte
(01:28:01 AM) debayan: browser mein khola hai kabhi??
(01:28:11 AM) debayan: browser mein agar java installed hai to kholna padta hai
(01:28:17 AM) debayan: i mean khol sakta hai
(01:28:27 AM) debayan: nahi to linux mein to hai hi vncviewer
(01:28:39 AM) debayan: vncviewer mein kholega to galsip:1
(01:28:56 AM) debayan: samjha?
(01:29:22 AM) shrink: debayan, ok
(01:29:35 AM) debayan: 2 things to do for the gal
(01:29:40 AM) shrink: ok
(01:29:42 AM) shrink: wat ?
(01:29:50 AM) debayan: type vnc=1 vncpasswd=hahahoho
(01:29:57 AM) debayan: and then select the network card
(01:29:59 AM) debayan: bas
(01:30:00 AM) debayan: ho gaya
(01:30:11 AM) debayan: then she will tell u her ip address as she sees on her screen
(01:30:19 AM) debayan: and u do the rest from vncviewer
(01:30:32 AM) debayan: make sure the vncpasswd is minimum 8 characters
(01:31:08 AM) debayan: clear?



  1. Subhodip said,

    Great work ! a new era for Linux installations , you broke all horizons dear 😛

  2. Sandeep said,

    Hadn’t gone through this one earlier, this can be called a real breakthrough for NIT DGP LUG 🙂
    If girls start using linux, the guys who don’t use it will start feeling inferior and will surely start off… 😀

  3. Roshan Singh said,

    Think of anything and it is already there you just need to find out.

    @sandeep You have a very strong point 😀

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