It makes me mad….

June 20, 2008 at 5:13 pm (Uncategorized)

I spent three years in NIT Durgapur. People do what not to ensure a good career. Its great if they work hard and achieve glory… or simply achieve (as in poetry). Thanks to our new director, Dr. Swapan Bhattacharya, higher education/GRE has become very popular now. Its for the creme-de-la-creme (or so it was supposed to be).

It has surprised me how easy it is to plagiarise/cheat your way into institutions/scholarships/fellowships. And what more irritating, is that these people go ahead and boast about it. They write bullshit project ideas… which get accepted, and then they end up not being able to do it, but write in their CVs, and they even get stipends. i know people who have 10 “published” papers, and i know which papers they have been copy pasted from. When the time comes to select people to represent the institution, they will be selected, coz they did “research”, and ya its hard work, but no more than a thief works hard to find a house to steal from.

And in this mad stealing frenzy, where plagiarism obfuscation seems to be the skill GRE is looking for, its painful to see genuine people languishing, coding, doing actual original stuff.

So if you are a new college undergrad student in India, thinking of GRE, forget intelligence… start foot-licking your professors, and learn how to plagiarise properly.

But if you are a genuine person, and plagiarism is not your style, there is another way, the open source way. Join an open source project that belongs to your area of interest. Garner knowledge+popularity in a worldwide community, and prove permanently that your word holds good. As I see it, good people have only this choice left to counter these shameless plagiarists. Hell the day i get mad enuff, i will start exposing people.

I am cool now. Blogging is great!!



  1. Shreyank Gupta said,

    Blogging really _is_ great !

  2. Shreyank Gupta said,

    If you get what I mean…
    God I’ll never learn to speak straight !

  3. vivek said,

    i agree with the post to some xtent xluding again the open source.
    I know that u r mad abt open source proj and stuffs…but the earlier part dscribes sth else.
    U were right in saying that some students by the virtue of adulating or flattering their profs get sth but lemme make sure that GRE people rnt foolish and also the profs who has got some credibility in the international markets rnt insane too…they know whom to give credit for the wrk.
    if ur ideas r genuine then with a gud prof u can go ahead and u will definitely reach a higher limit but itz not always tht those who bootlick get the dividend which will fetch them seats in some hallowed portals…
    There are always a short cut way but u know that in d long run they will get a proper deal for it.
    And yes by telling tht GRE is all abt plagiarism u r demotivating those people who r doing sth new to the best of their ability.
    I hope that people shud be rewarded based on their intellect not on the impression and their bootlicking capabilities.

  4. debayan said,

    i never meant to say that opensource is an alternative to GRE. I was saying that to get good projects/experience in GRE, one could go the open source way.
    And yeah, sure there are genuine people. Its for them that the universities have respectability and this line still is considered elite.
    I hope i *do* discourage some future plagiarists from entering this line. But i know i wont succeed to do so.
    And i am not even sure if in the long run *they* will pay.
    I said it surprises me to see that people dont get caught doing this. As you said “lemme make sure that GRE people rnt foolish and also the profs who has got some credibility in the international markets rnt insane too”
    , but in my experience i have not see this to be true. Atleast not in my college. I guess they do not have time to do all this.

  5. bhanu said,

    great work debayan………..maar li bicahare ki..

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