October 8, 2008 at 9:41 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Of late i have been hanging around at #linux-india. Its a very vocal group of people there. Lively discussions, and a lot of light hearted leg pulling goes on. Here are a few points jotted down in random:

  • maryN works for Yahoo, and he/she has signed a contract which forbids him/her from writing public code, and hence he/she cant contribute!
  • I suggested that all linux distros should have a common package manager and should follow FHS strictly. I met with some opposition and a lot of philosophy.
  • Once upon a time, a father sent his 4 sons to 4 different corners of the earth (someone asked me “4 corners of the earth, what are they” :D). They learned different things. Then they met after 10 years and shared their knowledge and grew. I felt the different linux distros should serve the same purpose. Some one said “the prodigal son came back with virus infested windows !”
  • I said i want to be there at foss.in 2008, and I was given this link . Was pretty harsh i thought.
  • Mr. Gora Mohanty and I had a chat on the possibility of organising a workshop with IndLinux at NIT Durgapur.
  • Mr. Gora Mohanty said “Yes, Indic OCR could be a part of project day at foss.in “.
  • Hobbes said “Whats with the Mr. XYZ thing” after i said Mr. Sankarshan 🙂

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  1. cyberorg said,

    Packagekit is common package management front end for all distributions, it works with any backends such as apt, zypper, yum etc.

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