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October 25, 2008 at 9:05 pm (Uncategorized)

  • wxPython is a pain to install on Centos 5. None of the official or 3rd party repos have wxPython, or Python 2.5 and higher. What a shame (or maybe I am wrong). Hence i am crippled. Could not use Boa Constructor.
  • Rahul and Deboleena are starting to contribute to Fedora artwork.
  • CodeCracker Juni is a great success.
  • http://www.ilug-cal.org/wiki/index.php/FOSS_Helpline exists! I thought it was my original and unique idea. I wonder what happened to the project. I later found this http://groups.google.com/group/nrcfossconsult/browse_thread/thread/152e1a624dc0e152 .
  • Today 13 of us ate at Super. Bill came to 886 Rs. 250 Rs is still to be paid by people to Vignesh.
  • Gandhi went home. Ankush had WL 1 in Rajdhani so dint go.
  • Toppo won the chess tournament and he has promised to throw a treat tomorrow.
  • Today is Rahul’s birthday.
  • Bachcha got high like never before.
  • I have this empty feeling in me that I really hate.
  • Nilu made me listen to Carpenters. Lovely voice she has.
  • College carpenters came and added another latch to the already fortified door.
  • Gave 2 of my jackets for dry-clean.
  • Am totally outta cash.
  • lugcore mailing list is buzzing with activity.
  • Was trying to guide Nilu in her quest to learn Python and wxPython. Had to switch to Windows, install python, wxpython, Boa Constructor. But had no problems. Built an alarm clock for personal use. And installing the same stuff in Linux is such a pain… its a shame… really.

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  1. ssandeep said,

    not like never before bro, please make a note

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