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October 30, 2008 at 4:46 pm (Uncategorized) (, , , )

  • Shreyank’s workout got selected at foss.in 2008. His workout is based on LDTP.
  • I got selected as a Sarai FLOSS fellow.
  • 61 people died in bomb blasts in Guwahati. Thanks to God, Nilu’s family is safe.
  • Indic OCR workout not selected at foss.in in the first list.
  • Made some important changes to the tesseractindic code. Matraa clipping is better now. Still, the code sucks.
  • Had a 3 hour long chat (I think) with indradg on IRC.
  • I am very pleased to see 2nd year people on IRC and having fun. Deboleena Varsha and Prateek shall lead the way in the future. I think the future of our LUG is in good hands.
  • Ate a Cadbury temptation for the first time.
  • Perhaps, 10 15 years later, Shreyank, I , Vignesh and Nilu will have a company of our own.
  • Compaq laptops suck bigtime. Never buy a compaq.
  • I owe apologies to ocropus-bengali team. I berated their training data, but am now finding it very useful. Took a lesson from the book of practical suggestions. Building the word-dawg file from a list of 11 lakh bengali words (Thanks to aspell bangla team) took 6 hours.
  • If my workout does not get selected at foss.in, i wont be able to convince my professors to skip my exams. i want to go there with Shreyank so badly. I want to videotape his workout!


  1. sindhu said,

    Why do you not have a favorable opinion about compaq laptops?

  2. Abhishek said,

    Compaq laptops are DO NOT suck….they r the best!!!

  3. Abhishek said,

    Compaq laptops DO NOT suck….they r the best!!!

  4. debayan said,

  5. sindhu said,

    I own the f700 notebook, they are fine. V3000 series i hear are indeed problematic. Did they fix it?

  6. Shreyank Gupta said,

    Plz plz plz, try and come with me to foss.in!

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