November 4, 2008 at 8:22 am (Uncategorized)

  • Will start a new private blog, one which is not aggregated to the planet. Gotta write loads of filthy words and abusive stuff, just to cool down.
  • Sitting in the application lab in the dept waiting for tpsw to open up.
  • Slept 8 hrs in the night.
  • Have been playing around with dhvani. The Bengali module needs attention.
  • Today we have auditions for the 1st years for the LUG core committee. Tomorrow I will take linux classes for the first year. Will introduce them to opensource development model.
  • Akash’s laptop has been stolen. He saw the thief. Should be caught in a few days.
  • Servanan Sir said a new server is no problem. He went on to say that he is interested in setting up a cluster in the computer center. But he is leaving for Texas in a few days and things will only get done after Christmas. That is unacceptable by me. Will get it done sooner.
  • The LUG room almirah is a treasure trove. Found around 100 CDs of RHEL, and many LFYs and many other stuff.
  • lug [AT] nitdgp [dot] ac [dot] in works now.
  • Nilu is no more angry at me now… but I am angry at Nilu.
  • Will visit IDG this week in Kol, and we are going to change the world.

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