A new event for http://mukti09.in

November 8, 2008 at 10:04 pm (Uncategorized)


Objective: To build an active community of opensource developers at NIT Durgapur.

Target: All interested people

Abstract: There will be a list of open source projects put up and a set of possible features that need to be added to these projects. The participant is supposed to go through the list carefully and select a project of his choice and then contact a project mentor from among us. We shall provide advice on the feasibility of the selected project based on the skill level of the participant and guide him/her along the way.
There will be approximately one hack session per week in one of the labs in the college to demonstrate the practice of hacking source code in a large project and the use of common tools for the purpose.
There will be screencasts put up on how to use CVS/SVN and how to join IRC. Each participant must blog about his progress and experiences.
One week before Mukti, they send in their contributions and blog links. We evaluate submissions based on :

  1. Quality of work,
  2. Importance/significance of work,
  3. Amount of work done
  4. Degree of involvement with community

Possible Projects: LDTP, dhvani, HindiASR, Linuxdcpp, gedit, IndicOCR

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