November 24, 2008 at 11:25 am (Uncategorized)

Tomorrow will be 25th November 2008. My 7th Sem Exams start tomorrow. also opens tomorrow. I had promised to myself earlier that I would be there at this year at any cost. I had it planned out. Shreyank and I were determined to skip our exams and go to Somewhat unexpectedly, organisers urged Shreyank not to come.They did not want us to miss our exams.

What a huge loss for us! 😦

On the other hand, missing the exams would also have been hugely risky. So I guess we will take it.



  1. Anant said,

    Don’t worry, there are going to be FOSS.INs every year – but a chance to pass an exam comes only once 🙂

    All the best for your exams, and hope to see you at future events!

  2. Subhodip Biswas said,

    hai re .. after all student thakakalin FOSS.IN jaoa chaper …
    I am realising that very welll ..

    Anyways ..lets share the same grief ..All the best for your exam ..

  3. nitdgplug said,

    What the hell am I doing here ???

  4. Shreyank Gupta said,

    That was me!

  5. Arindam said,

    Same problem here 😦

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