T Shirt sponsor for Mukti09 and GLUG NIT Durgapur

December 18, 2008 at 8:22 pm (Uncategorized)

  • What to sponsor?

The official Mukti 09 (http://mukti09.in) T Shirt, that we shall give away to every registered participant. Also, there will be GLUG (http://lug.nitdgp.ac.in) T Shirts for our members and volunteers during the event. In total, around 1000 T Shirts shall be printed.

  • What do the sponsors gain?

Tremendous brand visibility.

1. Participants numbering over 2500 from more than 50 colleges all across
2. An in-house student base of more than 2000 students.
3. Families of 200 teaching and 250 non-teaching staff.
4. Dignitaries & stalwarts from the field of Open Source.
5. Newsprint readers in West Bengal.

  • How to sponsor?

Drop a mail to lug [at] nitdgp [dot] ac [dot] in, or simply comment on this post!


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