pen-GUI-n, A GUI designing event for Mukti09

December 19, 2008 at 9:31 pm (Uncategorized)


penGUIn is a GUI (Graphical User Interface) designing contest, which will test your skills in various GUI designing tools available on Linux. Some of the tools/Programming Languages that can be used are: Java, wxPython, GTK, QT, PyQT, PyGTK, etc. The participants may have to work on some FOSS and design GUIs for some command-line programs which do not have a graphical user interface. The maximum no of participants allowed in a team is 2.

The event will be organized in two rounds:

  1. The Online Round: The problem statements of the online round will be put up on the website by 15th January. Participants have to submit their entries in the form of the software and a report write-up with screenshots.  The submissions for the online round will end on 22nd January. The results will be announced on 26th Jan.
  2. On-Stage Finals: Around 8 teams will be selected from the online round for the final round which will be held in NIT Durgapur during Mukti ‘09 (6th to 8th Feb). If the participation is more in the online round, then we can consider more entries for the final round. Participants would have to make their GUI’s better and feature rich, before they present their software to a panel of judges.

As a build-up to this event, various workshops will be organized in January in NIT Durgapur by the students and professionals in the Industry.

Problem Statement:

1. Design a graphical user interface for Clive ( ).

Clive is a command line utility for extracting videos from Youtube and other video sharing Web sites. It was originally written to bypass the Adobe Flash requirement needed to view the hosted videos. It is non-interactive, meaning it can work in the background while the user is not logged on. This allows the user to start an extraction and disconnect from the system, letting clive finish the work.

Check out various options from man page. The GUI must implement as many features as possible apart from the mandatory features.

Mandatory Features:

i)It should also allow the user to specify the download directory.
ii)It should allow users to rename the file before downloading.
iii)It should not overwrite any existing file with same name.

New features are welcome.
You can download the source from .

2. Design a network tool to sniff packets on a LAN. It should be able to recognize packets of all multimedia broadcasts that are currently hosted on the LAN, eg Radio or any video broadcast streams, etc. The GUI must give sufficient information on each broadcast like the IP address of the broadcasting machine, the protocol used to broadcast, etc. More features are welcome.

Your GUI will be judged on the basis of usability and handling.

Deadline for submission of entries : January 20, 2009

Ten entries will be selected from prelims. The selected teams are expected to attend Mukti ‘09 and present their projects. They are free to improve their entries once they know of their selection into the final round.

Checklist for prelims :
1. Full source code
2. Executables if any
3. Proper documentation about installation and use

NOTE:– Maximum number of participants per team is 2


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