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December 20, 2008 at 5:20 pm (Uncategorized)

  • It is fnally winter here. I was starting to think that we will no longer have winters here.
  • Vignesh left today for his sys admin course in Sikkim. I feel kinda lonely. Yesterday went on a 6 hour long bike trip. Explored areas I never knew existed here.
  • Lua is a scripting language and i need to learn that to work with ocropus.
  • Blogging properly after a long time.
  • Pretty confused at this point of time. Lots of things at hand. Mukti is coming along nicely. My fellowship work is also pressing on me now. Also plan to work on Gnome.
  • Gotta fix the talk/workshop schedules for January.
  • Plan to spend the new year in Digha.
  • I forgot to bring along my room key. So I am parked in Sandeep’s vacated room. I broke the lock once before and the latch wont be able to take another hard beating, I am pretty sue about that.
  • Our Glug has a new logo, which I do not like, and we got T-shirts printed with the wrong logo and the wrong name. Also, the stickers we printed are now old.
  • Looking forward to interviewing RMS in Kolkata.
  • Today, my HOD, SC Sir, sat with us at LH more and chatted about open source and the necessity of students to et involved into projects. He managed to inspire Subhojit, an excellent musician here studying CSE, to pursue music processing library development. I suggested him to contact Sachin joshi and look into CMU Sphynx.
  • I think i deserve an openSUSE TShrit. If i remember correctly, I got openSUSE installed in no less than 100 computers in the college. Fedora ambassadors, I am so jealous of you :-X
  • I want someone to give a talk on the Indian FOSS community here. IDG seems like the perfect person.
  • Just 3 months left for active college life. I am so sad already 😦
  • hmmph…

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  1. Surajit said,

    Hey bro,im Surajit,not Subhojit(The inspired musician :P)

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