The entire institute using GNU/Linux !!

January 10, 2009 at 4:12 pm (Uncategorized) (, , )

Well, not really, but in a way they are.
We use DC++( for all our file sharing needs. A central DC++ hub is required to transfer requests between peers. Previously it used to be hosted on some Windows machines in the hostels. Now, thanks to Roshan’s vision, the GLUG( server runs opendchub (, and everyone connects to it. It is now very easy to publicise GNU/Linux through periodic broadcast messages. Nice move Roshan 🙂



  1. pR@tz said,

    Don’t you think PtokaX is better than Opendchub?

  2. Roshan said,

    Thanks man 🙂

    Actually I tried PtokaX initially but could not compile it so using opendchub simple and easy to use.

  3. pR@tz said,

    I managed to install Ptokax in my Ubuntu 8.10, but when I execute it I got an error “Server start failed!” … and with opendchub, can you guide me in configuring it, like configuring the welcome message, broadcasting messages, games and all….

  4. Roshan said,

    Download the source there is a readme which explains every thing. Read this

    Also the welcome message is in /root/.opendchub/motd file. You can edit this to change the welcome message. Actually it was not showing welcome message , I have hacked the source to do that.

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