Recently Held Talks/Workshops at NIT Durgapur & a special request

January 19, 2009 at 7:10 pm (Uncategorized)

GLUG NIT Durgapur organised a series of talks/workshops recently:

  1. Artwork Workshop by Rahul jha
  2. Python Talk by Shreyank Gupta and Debayan Banerjee
  3. LAMP/CMS Workshop by Sumit Datta

Our beloved IT Department played host to all the above. Thanx a million to our HOD Subhrabrata Sir, Sajal Sir and Rupa Mam.

The pictures have been uploaded here. Attendance was pretty good in the all the workshops, and audience reaction was great.
Looking forward to more similar workshops in the future.

This brings me to my special request. The IT department has been exceedingly kind in hosting all out events inspite of the Winter Schools that are parallely being held in the department which is quite a resource hungry endeavour. Infact, no other department would allow us the same freedom. Speaking of which, our professors are FOSS friendly to a great extent and under their guidance we switched form TurboC to gcc last year.

My request to you all is, kindly write a note of thanks to he department professor, and our HOD in particular, for supporting us through out. His email id is subhrabrata AT gmail or to sajal [DOT] mukhopadhyay AT

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