The long awaited post

February 7, 2009 at 2:50 am (Uncategorized)

Things to blog about:

  • ISI trip
  • 2nd February
  • 3rd February
  • 4th February
  • 5th February
  • RTI link
  • Kids in lab
  • Days ahead
  • Abhas Abhinav

ISI Trip: I had mailed Dr. B.B. Chaudhuri of ISI Kolkata to help me out regarding training data and testing ground truth data and thanx to Mr. Gora’s recommendation, he allowed me to meet him in Kolkata. I met him at ISI and spoke to him for about 40 minutes regarding different issues in Indic OCR. He discussed some really good ways to significantly reduce recognition time etc, and rued the lack of good research assistants.
He could not share data with me at that moment because of lack of manpower and copyright issues. I was returning dejected, but I met Dr. Mandar Mitra at the gates. Mr. Sankarshan, my mentor who originally started me down this path, had introduced me to him in Kolkata about a month back. It really helped and he took me to his lab. He mined last 7 8 years his work and gave me everythin useful he had, includeing a lot of ground truth data and some images with bounding boxes information.
But that is not the most important thing i acquired there. While talking to Mandar Mitra, it dawned on us that the entire training process can be automated using python scripts, and there is no need of manually feeding data using scanners and all.
i have since done some work and posted the same at To be honest, I am terribly busy with our own FOSS fest and will be able to work full time on this only after its over.

2nd February: Mukti 09 was “inaugurated” by IT minister of West Bengal. Prof. Debesh Das. We had organised a sit and draw contest and comuter quiz contest for school children, but since most schools are having exams, only 2 3 schools turned up. The minister’s speech was good. The best part though was little kids from R.E.Model school working in our labs. They loved it.

3rd February: We had 3 workshops. Python, GCC and FOSS EDA. The last one in particular we were most excited (jittery) about. Just when it was time to start the video broadcast of Aanjhan(aka tuxmaniac) via skype, the net died totally.We almost gave up and told people that it was cancelled. Suddenly the net sprang back to life and we set it up quickly. Unfirtunately the mic dint work, so  i had to do some typing. It was very well received. Most of the people who attended do use Fedora Electronic Lab now, and the ECE HOD also appreciated the initiative. Aaanjhan lit up the audience with his youthful energy. Some ECE professor called me and aske dme to do it again so his M..Tech scholars can attend.

4th February: My SVN talk was cancelled because i could not find a free lab. There some out-station participants from B.C.Roy college and they were disappointed. So I took them to Jhups and explained SVN to them. Other than that, there was a workshop on scilab (matlab equivalent) by CDAC people. I did not like their attitude, but the workshop was good.

RTI Link: Inspite of discouragement from fellow friends and people on IRC, I pushed ahead with my efforts to get the RTI act information put on the website. I mailed Prof A.K. Mitra twice and our director once. I did not hesitate to write “it maybe illegal not to carry the RTI link on the college website”. Around a months later, I see the link on the website now. And guess who the PIOs are, the 2 people i mailed !!

5th February: We basically received Satya and Abhas for Mukti. We also had this FREE-P-L event in the night. I introduced Darshana to Abhas. Abhas is overall a very cool person. We had beer with him in his gust house room, and that caused some problems/complaints to the HES manager, but nothing serious happened.

Abhas spoke his heart (brain?) out about the FOSS philosophy and a million related thing. Abhas deserves a separate post. Will cover him there.

Will blog about 6, 7, 8 later.

Pictures at


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