March 8, 2009 at 11:51 pm (Uncategorized)

[1] We are doing the rounds of Durgapur police station visiting IG and ASP offices. A few days back a few of my 2nd year juniors seriously injured some of my 1st year juniors in a ragging incident. We are figting to get the culprits severe punishment. The administration is putting many hurdles, but we are making headway.

[2] Rohit Gupta from Kalyani Govt Engineering College is visiting me. Stayed in my room in the afternoon. Got a room emptied for him thanks to Arvind. He is a great guy and full of enthusiasm. He knows a lot of stuff for a 2nd year guy and has even built GRUB from source to triple boot Windows, Mac OSX and Linux on the same machine.

[3] Updated http://debayanin.googlepages.com/hackingtesseract

[4] 2 unfortunate deaths in the family.

[5] Going to Bijra tomorrow. Hallowed grounds for FOSS enthusiasts.


  1. Sindhu said,

    Could you elaborate on “and has even built GRUB from source to triple boot Windows, Mac OSX and Linux on the same machine.” ?

    Cause that’s (if what I assume I know is right) is hardly a difficult feat to achieve. I installed Hackintosh on a desktop once and manually entered the hdx,y in my menu.lst to load mac, that desktop also had windows and Linux working just fine (yes if you ask, from the very same grub)…so I don’t get what the big deal about is…or clearly I don’t get it.

  2. debayan said,

    @ Sindhu

    I think its a big deal in my own context. I started using GNU/Linux in the 3rd year and never went to the extent of building grub from source myself. So i felt he did great at that point of time.
    Now that you say it, ya, its not such a big deal.

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