random note

March 15, 2009 at 11:01 am (Uncategorized)

  • I transferred all entries made till date from http://debayanin.googlepages.com/hackingtesseract to http://hacking-tesseract.blogspot.com/ because its better this way. Its easier to add entries.
  • 44 days to go for college life.
  • Tesseract-Indic now has 3 new active project members. 2 are working on Malayalam, and one is from Sarai playing around with the code.
  • Tomorrow is March 16. Tomorrow is Richard Stallman’s Birthday.
  • Shreyank has an interview coming up at Kolkata. All the best to him. If he gets through, it shall be red letter day for our institute for certain reasons.
  • I started going to the gymnasium here in our college, and am loving it. My body is aching here and there, but thats fine.
  • As soon as I publish results for this project and document all my work and experience properly for others to follow, I shall volunatarily back out from the Sarai fellowship. I now feel I should have given time to other projects that interested me more at certain points of time.
  • I feel like going home all of a sudden.


  1. Sankarshan said,

    What specific projects are you taking up? And, have you managed to get Indic OCR at the place where you intended it to be when you started?

  2. debayan said,

    I had thought about contributing to Gnome or the kernel at specific points of time. Right now I feel like trying out newer projects, thats all.
    When I started out with the Indic OCR project I had no specific goals in mind other than to get it working. Over time I realised that OCR is a field where percentages matter a lot, and I set a 90% goal for myself. It is yet to reach that goal. At this point of time I am torn between achieving this goal and satiating my hunger for new projects.
    One way to solve this problem is create enough documentation for others to follow and continue on OCR work, but then writing documentation is tougher than writing code IMO and to leave something when its so near to getting completed is just not right.
    So forget about what I wrote in my blog, I *will* complete the Indic OCR project and will look for newer projects later.

    PS: I was in a bad state of mind when I wrote that post.


  3. sankarshan said,

    Well, you can still re-jig the priorities and start working on newer projects while getting OCR ready for a handover 🙂

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