Linux works for electronics students here

March 20, 2009 at 9:16 am (Uncategorized)

A friend of mine works on her project on RHEL+Cadence Virtuoso ™ in our labs. Here are a few screenshots.



  1. sankarshan said,

    Doesn’t FEL work for your friend ?

  2. debayan said,

    She did attend the FEL remote-talk and tried it out. She was not too impressed, maybe because the workshop was not very rigorous. Also Cadence, the software she was using, is proprietary and probably does not come with FEL. Incidentally our ECE Dept decided to get all the good VLSI related software installed on RHELs here.

  3. Aanjhan said,

    Well not surprising. I use RHEL + Cadence + Mentor Graphics at School too. All big EDA vendors support only RHEL (under Linux platform). Debian, gentoo based are never supported and I dont see it in the near future too.

    @sankarshan, depending on what kind of project she is doing, Free software tools are not so powerful. Looking at the screenshots, she is doing more Analog work (at the transistor device level) where cadence provides a nice integrated platfrom with many options. There is no *single* such integrated open source system available or if there is any , not documented for people to read and use. One thing to remember here is that EDA tool users are *not* *software* developers nor EDA engineers. Huge huge difference from the software user worlds.

  4. sankarshan said,

    @aanjhan – thanks for the detail in the response. I’d keep that in mind.

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