Building Nautilus with jhbuild

March 25, 2009 at 10:31 am (Uncategorized)

Nautilus <; is the window manager for Gnome. There are 2 ways to build Nautilus from source. Never mind about the first way, the 2nd way is way better. There is a tool called jhbuild <; which automatically resolves module dependencies, downloads/checks out modules and then builds and installs them.

To learn how to build Nautilus follow <; line by line.

Here are some of the problem I faced and certain observations:

1) It downloads and build 62 modules. Downloads around 350 MB of data and on building creates 400 MB more in the directory you downloaded it in. On top of that 228 MB more worth of stuff is sent to /opt/gnome2.

2) It stalled whenever it was trying to wget something from ftp. So I set the ftp proxy for the shell:

export ftp_proxy= ( are specific to my institute)

3) On reaching the 61st package (the second last package mind you) it started checking out a package named exempi from git. Our institute has proxy restrictions and git does not work. I was in a fix as to what to do. I then remembered a hack i tried long ago when I was hacking the linux kernel. The normal command which kept failing was:

git clone git://

So I first added http proxy details to git like this:

git config –global http.proxy

Then I checked whether also supports http protocol by going to

It said “This host is useful solely for fetching git repositories via http” and I said YaY to myself!

I then opened a new terminal and changed directory to checkout/gnome2 and executed this command:

git clone

2 changes here. I changed the protocol to http:// and added a .git at the end. Once the checkout was done I resumed jhbuild process and Nautilus was built successfully.

Hope that helps.


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