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I came to Bangalore on 2nd June to join DeepRoot Linux (http:// My train tickets were not confirmed hence I had to burn a lot of money and book a flight from Kolkata to Bangalore. Jet Airways was far better than Indigo. They served breakfast.
I came from Bangalore Airport to Nandidurga in one of the kick-ass BIAL Volvos. Went to the office, met Vignesh, and started work.
My work involves developing the next version of deepofix mail server. That means replacing the MTA with something cutting-edge, improving the installer etc. There is also some work to be done on the LDAP front. The code is mostly in Perl. Take a look at
One great thing is that Vignesh, my close friend from college and fellow GNU/Linux enthusiast has also joined along wit me. So we have a galla time.
The weather in Bangalore is very nice. There is always a nice breeze blowing and it rains intermittently, but not too much. In the mornings it gets quite chilly and taking a bath becomes a difficult proposition.
The business community in Bangalore (shopkeepers, auto drivers, bus conductors) is a turn off. They try their best to rip you off. Learning to fend off their cunning ways.
Thanks to Nishant and Mithilesh (from our MBA dept at NIT durgapur) I did not have to face too many problems in finding a PG. I found a newly constructed PG in R.T. Nagar.
R.T. Nagar is a nice place. You can find the Pizza huts and Cafe Coffee Days and also the Andhra Mess and the Tea stall. Life in all sizes.
It takes 15 minutes to go to office from RT Nagar bus stand.
Yesterday was a special day in office. We had a NIT Durgapur alumii meeting. A couple of seniors from 2k7 batch dropped in and we had a nice chat on how to improve the relationship with our alma-mater. A few hours later I was introduced by Abhas to Arki, of FSF Kerela. It was a pleasure to talk to him. He works on accessibility issues for blind computer users with Braille without borders. Then at around 7 pm we cooked Maggi in the kitchen with Medhamsh ( and Vignesh.
A little more about my PG. The PG was actually supposed to be a school. The front facade does say xyz school. The instead made a PG out of it. I guess it saves them some tax. Just adjacent top our PG there is a graveyard. A huge one. I look at it daily. Lets see if I can see something out of the ordinary some day 🙂
I got a new sim. My recently bought Nokia went into an infinite loop of screen-blinking after i used it and I had to make do with an old Motorola that Abhas has.
Its Sunday, 7:06 PM now, and I have no plans in mind. Lets see what lies ahead of me.


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