June 14, 2009 at 3:07 pm (Life, Uncategorized)

The day began with seeing off Shreyank ( at the Majestic Bus Stop (Bangalore).  Vignesh and I then proceeded to Sandeep’s ( place and had lunch.  On Vignesh’s ( insistence we then  went to Jaydeep’s place at J.P. Nagar . Jaydeep had a life threatening motorbike accident a month back at NIT Durgapur. He had a brain surgery and was unconscious for almost a month. We spent around 2-3 hours with him. He has lost some memories and some part of his skull, but he is recovering very well.

We then went back to Majestic bus stop and explored the Market there. The shop keepers were quite rude. I asked a shopkeeper the price of a mp3 player and he said 600 Rs. Then I asked him the price of a mobile and he said “Ye dukaan daam poochhne ke liye nahi hai, item khareedne ke liye hai” (This shop is not meant for asking the cost, but for buying items). I was disgusted, and I told him that he lost good business. That shut him up.

We went around some more. Vignesh boarded a bus to his aunt’s place and I boarded the bus to R.T. Nagar. I noticed a young guy sitting at the opposite row of seats in the bus. He had a Diesel bag with a Fedora badge on it. I immediately felt the urge to talk to him. However, he was looking out the window and had earplugs on. Somehow, I could never bring myself to interrupt his activity.

Then I came to this cybercafe. Lets see what  I do with the rest of the day. I do have a few things to buy. A door mat, and a duster cloth.


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