Things we say but do not mean

July 21, 2009 at 11:29 am (Life, Uncategorized) ()

Sometimes one looks back at life. It maybe when one is content with his life and his happy with his success, or when one is regretful of the past and contmplating his past actions.
If we look at relationships that went sour, relationships that involved people you truly loved, it dawns on us that we said a lot of things we did not mean.
We say it assuming a level of understanding on the other end, that most of what we say but dont really mean will be rejected at the end of the day. However sometimes it does not go away, and it adds up, creating a cloud of mistrust and pain.
It takes a lot of courage to overcome feelings of personal pain, and see through the heart of the loved one. Focusing on actions more than words is helpful.
Also, it is so difficult a task to forgive someone, totally, completely, that most people do away with it and instead “move on”. Moving on is a way of not forgiving but forgetting for the time being.
Forgiveness is a confirmation of your faith in the person. It makes you vulnerable and puts you at risk. Your mental peace and happiness is hence at the mercy of the person you love.
One reason we end up saying things we do not mean is fear. Fear of loss. We assume we shall lose our loved one. Even that is an attempt at reaching out to the loved one. Somehow we sub-consciously think that predicting
ones actions correctly brings us closer to the person. Or may be not?



  1. Shreyank said,

    Sentu Alarm!!!
    BEEP .. BEEP .. BEEP…

  2. kkn said,

    Point. If everyone took our words the way we meant it, the world would be a much simpler place.

  3. munmun said,

    forgiveness is nt the act of commiting ur faith in sum1..its the act of having faith in urslf….dat is y we many times 4giv ppl evn wen dey hav deliberatly wronged us….u r nevr at the mercy of ppl whom u luv…luv is nt a sword hanging at ur nek,u can only control ur ations nt odrs 🙂

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