Google = God?

November 5, 2009 at 9:44 am (Life, Uncategorized)

Now this is really really eerie stuff. Today I came to office wearing my “Holland” T-shirt. I normally never wear this shirt to office.


I fired up my Gmail in the browser, and see a “Study in Holland” Google ad!

A few minutes later, I received a call from this organisation. They were calling a friend of mine, but had my number against his name. I gave them the correct number. A few minutes later, on Google ads, I see the name of the organisation!

What the *hell* is going on here?


Had a phone conversation with a friend about pirated Windows installations and how they are harmful. Within an hour I see Google ads of anti-piracy campaigns, stuff I have never seen before. I did some research and found this paper where they detail how they achieve this.



  1. phoxis said,

    Google is also indexing people’s mind..

  2. Rangeen Basu Roy Chowdhury said,

    That is eerie stuff..

  3. vigneshwar (@vigneshwar) said,

    do you use android phone?

    • debayan said,

      I have recently been using Android, but the first 2 instances happened when I had a non-Android phone.

  4. Joe SuperParanoid said,

    It’s called selective attention.

    • Ivan Savov said,

      Ok for one thing. Ok for another. But three coincidences in a row?

      A while back I was having a fight with an ex gf via gchat, and then while reviewing the chat session ads like “Fine the perfect match” were showing up in the sidebar.

      Any self-respecting tech person should be hosting their own mail server. Not giving “the system” the opportunity to spy on you is probably the best strategy. **ching ching ching cutlery on glasses sound** I now publicly vow to leave gmail by the end of the year, and become self-respecting as I was before 2004.

      • Joe SuperParanoid said,

        Similar scenario here. I have a love hate relationship with Google, but technically they are currently in possession of 100% of what I digitally consider valuable, and have now suddenly changed their data policies from $20 a year to $5 monthly for the amount of data that I use. Very sad. Yet they continue smudging my screen with ads.

        This might be helpful for you though.

  5. sagar said,

    Were you on VOIP

    • debayan said,

      Nope. On my mobile phone.

  6. david blaine said,

    Kinda street magikk! 🙂

  7. satyaakam said,

    Does it not infringe there privacy *sic* statement , we need to do more trials and some research to nail them, also we should be getting ourselves freed from there clutches by moving on to Cynogen and leaving Gmail i suppose.

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