Lost and Found

November 15, 2009 at 7:11 pm (Life, Uncategorized) (, , )

I woke up at 12 noon. I received a call from sridhar asking me when I planned to visit his office. Sridhar is the proprietor of a start up located at Rajajinagar. They offer training programs to diploma holders on topics such as JBoss, Struts, java etc. They have 17 PCs running on Fedora and need someone to setup networking, repositories and SVN for them. Rangeen did the initial work and then asked me to help out. I went and saw the setup, suggested to him possible solutions. and fixed a date for our next meeting.
Once I was done with that I decided to head to the Reliance WebWorld at Brigade Road. I recently bought a Netconnect Broadband modem. The stupid thing needs Windows to activate itself. I did manage to find a Windows machine finally (it was Sridhar’s laptop by the way) and once I hit the ‘Activate’ button, it said ‘Your device could not be activated. Kindly contact customer care’. So I called up customer care and they said none of my records are registered online, which meant that the guy who sold me the connection did not register my particulars on the server. Now that struck as strange to me, since i received to SMSes from Reliance telling me that they had activated the connection from their end.
Anyways, once I reached the Reliance WebWorld at Brigade Road, the shutter was half shut and it was dark inside. I decided to sneak in. I found a Reliance guy on the counter. He told me that the store was closed for the day, I insisted, and he listened. He keyed in my particulars and said the same thing that the customer care guy had told me over phone. He did suggest some solutions to the problem though.
Once I was done with that, I decided to head back home. I decided to take a path less travelled (sic). I pride myself on my geometry skills. I was excellent at Engineering Drawing at college, and have a good sense of direction in my head. I figured as long as I head in the correct directions I would not go wrong.
But as it turned out, my pride was not well founded. I soon lost my way. After a short while I grew worried. I somehow did not want to ask any bystander my whereabouts. Dont know why.
I kept walking, and lo, I saw a K.C.Das sweet shop infront of me! It took my breath away. For once, I was reminded of my Bengali roots. I immediately started fantasising about the rasogollas in there. I promptly made my way into the store and had 2 rasogollas for the first time in Bangalore. I informed my closest friends via sms about the special occasion.
I headed out of K.C.Das and say Koshy’s ice cream parlour infront of me. I had heard that this particular restaurant was 75 years old. I had a fruit punch for 30 Rs. I was the lone customer. I chatted with the cashier-cum-waiter for a while. There hung three 50 style photos of the original owners of this joint. 2 of them were smiling down on me, as if to say, thanks for visiting. The third one was more serious and wore a tie. I assumed he was an accountant.
I had bought a daily pass in the day, hence I was not too worried about getting back. I took a combination of buses back to Sultan Palya. Bought 20 Rs worth of chicken kabab (am not sure its chicken, but thats what they say it is) and ate it a few minutes back.
In a way, I was lost and found today, in a special way 🙂



  1. vignesh said,

    Well me and Manish had found it the day we had gone to meet Anjali’s sister with VT. They served only snacks and sweets and we wanted to have proper dinner so we did not eat anything there and ate a hotel claiming to be Hyderbadi style but actually being maintained by Keralites. Anyways I am sure we have seen more K.C. Das in Bangalore. If I remember properly, there is one in Shivaji nagar, most probably in Commercial Street.

  2. Naresh said,

    Cool story, bro.

  3. Sindhu S said,

    Koshy’s has a rich legacy to it 🙂 British Council’s Library was on top in the same building I think, my dad’s cousin was the librarian there for 25 years, they recently “gave him” a VRS (irony huh?), but I hear people who visited the library still come over to Koshy’s, even my mom remembers it rather fondly about the science textbooks she borrowed back from her 12 standard days.

    • debayan said,

      Koshy’s restaurant is expensive I hear. Not sure though. Will give it a try sometime. The ice-cream parlour is my favourite place in Bangalore. I make it a point to visit that place if I am near M.G. Road.

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