About Regionalism

November 27, 2009 at 9:35 pm (Life, Uncategorized)

Regionalism is a serious threat to our nation. It has the potential of breeding unrest in our country. There has been enough said on this issue in every magazine and newspaper, but here is what I think about it.

Certain elements in Maharashtra are against the idea of Biharis coming and working. I have grown up in Bihar. I did my schooling there. I spent 18 years of my life in that state. The state is truly poor and an educated man can not earn a good living there. Hence one has to move to other states.

Now lets say this is wrong. That they should stay in their own states. By the same analogy why do so many Indians go abroad (for work or study)? Is that not very wrong too? And they go inspite of all the attacks that Indians are facing overseas.

Here is my conclusion: India is to the world, what Bihar is to India. Having a sense of perspective helps.





  1. Shreyank said,

    Gulti’s and Mallu’s are infesting all corners of the world! Why not biharis?

  2. debayan said,

    Heh, exactly. Its not infestation. Its just rearrangement of atoms.

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