My School Days

February 18, 2010 at 7:01 pm (Life, Uncategorized)

I have fond memories of my school days. I studied at DeNobili School FRI from kindergarten to Std 12. It was the best school in the district then. Being a Jesuit school, english as a language was given prime importance in syllabus as well as normal conversation. I remember being deeply influenced by Christianity as religion in junior school. Many of my teachers were nuns, and were nice to  me. 3 of my closes friends were Christians; David Ekka, Jojo Abraham and Shivin George John. I remember David disclosing to me the secret of reproduction in Std 3. I spent days in disbelief. I always thought women got pregnant by kissing! In my disbelief I set out to verify his version. I got hold of a Std 12 Biology book from a senior at the bus stop, and I actually read it. I was utterly surprised at how disgusting the whole process was!

My father used to smoke (he has quit smoking now). I remember stealing his cigarettes sometimes and smoking in the bathroom. I never liked smoking. It was just something that made me feel cooler. I also wanted to shave but had no hair on my face, except my eye lids and eye brows. So I went ahead and shaved my eye brows off. My mother gave me a sound thrashing, and I was ridiculed in school for that a lot too.

I was my class monitor several years in succession. I did not particularly like the job, but it was ok. I would always escape punishment for mischiefs coz i was the monitor.

In Std 4 I was called upon by Sister Marina to play Cinderella. I protested vehemently and my parents were called. I had to eventually give in. Sister Marina even taught me how to catwalk, and I ended up playing Cinderella.

I was always poor at Maths. I would never get more than 65-70 out of 100. My elder brother on the other hand was a mathematical genius. He was 2 years elder to me and in the same school. He rarely scored below 100/100 in Maths in his entire academic career (He got full marks in IIT screening exam too!). But I was good at English creative writing. My teachers used to read out my essays in the staff room. I have totally lost that touch.

Senior school was where I got introduced to Computers and I instantly fell in love with them. We had MSDOS systems with the 5.25 inch floppy disks. It all looked so magical to me.

Std 6 7 8 9 were a series of scandalous years for me. I would get involved in all sorts of problems. I used to cut out pictures from library books and throw them out in the garden. It was of no use to me, other than a strange feeling of accomplishment, a dark kind. I got caught once and had to pay a 200 Rs fine. I stole the money from home and forged my father’s signature. My parents were called very frequently. I was also falsely accused on occasions, but after a point I stopped caring.

I got my first computer in Std 8. My father realised that he had to buy me one or else I would end up doing something he couldnt pay the bills for later. I spent 8 – 10 hours on the computer for the first year. Mostly games. I later started watching a lot of porn, and all my friends saw their first porn movie on my PC. Once in college, I grew out of the habit

Eventually I grew out of playing games. I started programming. Started with BASIC, moved to C++.

I became somewhat serious in Std 10, partly because it was board exams and partly because I had an amazing teacher in Bhashwati Ma’am. She took some time off and talked to me about how she wants to see me grow up. She pointed out the flaws in me and put a lot of faith in me. It changed me in many ways. I did more or less ok in the boards. 87% i think.

Will write about Std 11 and 12 some other day maybe. Not feeling like typing anymore. Have office tomorrow morning.



  1. Somreeta Roy said,

    U look so sweet as Cindrella !!! I’ll cast you for Snow White!! [:)]

  2. debayan said,

    @Somreeta, Yeah, would like that actually.

  3. ssandeep said,

    But you haven’t mentioned those “interesting” incidents of your school life which you and Manish used to narrate to us in 1st year (Room-414, Hall-9)!

  4. debayan said,

    Well, they happened in 11 and 12.

  5. kkn said,

    Waiting for your 11-12 post. Let’s see how wild you had gotten. So you weren’t always as peaceful as now, were you?

    • debayan said,

      @kkn Heh, anything but peaceful. I have left out a lot of stuff in this post. LEft out the best parts actually 😀

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