March 5, 2010 at 2:50 pm (Life, Uncategorized) ()

You remind me of a time when things were pure,
to every disease there was a cure.
You remind me of eras when men were strong,
and would accept their faults when they were wrong.
You remind me of clarity that I seek everyday,
all the dreams that I threw away.
You remind me of logic that is crystal clear,
which blows away darkness from the mind and fear.
You are the color of milk, the river of life,
you push through evil, darkness and strife.
You are the blank paper on which destinies unfold,
to chart out the path of the future untold.

You remind me also, of an ebbing river,
stagnation, rot and incurable fever.
You remind me of the faceless people I met,
who had names which I easily forget.
You remind me of the face of a soldier in war,
vanquished in battle, and from home quite far.
You remind of my friends toiling day and night,
losing their identities and losing sight.
You remind me of ignorance, of motley fools,
who have discovered nothing and follow rules.
You remind me of the clothes that rich people wear,
curteous in light but in darkness they swear.

How do you awaken in me so many emotions?
How are you mild, but the flame of the suns?
Suns, ah, I receive my answer!
You are light, a curious mixture.
Mixture of so many different shades,
all combine in you and your color fades.
I wish I were you, where all colors merged,
I would be special, and yet, a part of the herd.


  1. munmun biswas said,

    classs…..made my day 🙂 shal pen it down in my diary den can read it wenevr i want 2…great read 🙂

  2. debayan said,

    @munmun Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

  3. adarsh said,

    awesome mann…great thoughts and brilliant poetry….

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