wvdial vs pppconfig

April 2, 2010 at 9:20 pm (FOSS, Uncategorized) (, , , )

I got a BSNL CDMA 1x internet connection at my home at Dhanbad the last time I was there. Unfortunately the device was delivered after I had left. The laptop at home ran only Ubuntu and the BSNL tech expert had already told me that he doesnt know much about Linux.
Once the device was delivered, I asked my brother to plugin the device and see the output of dmesg | grep tty. It showed that the device has been plugged in at /dev/ttyUSB0. Next I asked him to configure the wvdial file at /etc/wvdial.conf, and that is when we realised that a default Ubuntu installation does not contain wvdial. I googled and found pppconfig could be used for the task.
run sudo pppconfig and fill in all the information. The default Username Password for BSNL is 165. Make a note of the connection name you save it as as you will need it later.
Then execute ‘pon bsnlconnection’. Replace bsnlconnection with the connection name. By default it will be ‘provider’. To make sure you are connected, check output of ‘ifconfig’. A new interface named ppp0 should have come up with a dynamic public ip. To find out what pon is doing or has done, you may execute ‘plog’.



  1. Onkar said,

    Two small corrections – You don’t need sudo for using either pon or ifconfig.

    • debayan said,

      Thanks, made the corrections.

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