Tata WiMax KeepAlive

April 6, 2010 at 2:06 pm (FOSS, Uncategorized)

I have a Tata Wimax internet connection at home, primarily because Airtel landline does not service our area. The speed is decent. One major problem has been that it keeps dropping the connection every 2 hours or so. It becomes very difficult to put things on download for this reason. To top it, the log-in requires you to open a page on the browser and enter your username and password in the fields.

Turns out my boss Girish had faced the same problem a few years back and decided to write a Qt/Webkit based application that keep the connection alive by logging-in every time there is a disconnection. The git repository for the utility can be found here.

The instructions to build are:

0) You should have Qt dev packages installed.

1) git clone git://git.forwardbias.in/tatawimaxkeepalive.git

2) cd tatawimaxkeepalive/

3) qmake

4) make

5) ./tatawimaxkeepalive


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