oFono does not support CDMA modems

October 6, 2010 at 6:22 pm (FOSS, Uncategorized)

oFono is the brand new telephony stack being developed by intel and Nokia for future MeeGo  versions. On a MeeGo netbook UX, oFono is supposed to detect and configure your modems and then tell connman, the connection manager on MeeGo, about your device. The Carrick connection panel, which is a container for connman, then allows you to interact with your devices.

If you are an Indian user though, and are planning to try out MeeGo on your notebook with a Tata photon or a Reliance netconnect you are in for disappointment. oFono does not support CDMA yet. Apparently the reason fot this is that the lead developers are in Finland and they have no CDMA connection there.


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  1. kknundy said,

    I suspect that there might be another reason. The CDMA standard is patent encumbered. There may be licensing legalities to observe.

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