Connaught Place

October 9, 2010 at 6:49 pm (Life, Uncategorized)

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. My roomie Javed and I spent an hour or two contemplating how we should spend the day.  We realised that we both had some issues with our ICICI bank accounts and should attempt to solve them. A trip-to-the-bank  and some 15-20 customer care calls later we found ourselves in deeper problems than before. We decided to leave these materialistic worries to lesser beings and dozed off.

We woke up in the evening. We decided to go visit Connaught Place. We took a metro from Gurgaon MG Road station. We found ourselves packed like sardines in the coach. It took us around 40 minutes to reach CP.

Connaught Place has this magnetic influence on people here much like a light bulb has on insects, only i do not mean it as an insult to the people here. It is beautiful in its own right. Not just the beautiful people who fill the streets here, but also the old but semi-renovated infrastructure.

We noticed an unusually high number of security personnel all around. It was probably because of the Commonwealth Games.  I noticed something very unusual; a couple of female commandos carrying some really cool automatic weapons. All of them were from some North Eastern CRPF batallion. I was not aware of such a batallion in existence. I told Javed that I wanted a photograph of ours with them. He predictably advised me not to pursue such ambitions and warned me that they might inflict serious bodily harm if I made such proposals. I persisted:

We then made our way to Palika Bazar. We found it closed early for some Commonwealth Games related issue.

We proceeded to Gole Market. We decided to have some Chicken food items at the famous Galina Restaurant.

The food was pretty cheap and pretty good as well.

On our way back to CP we found a Bengali sweet shop.

Ate a RajBhog and a Paantua (Gulaab Jamun). The RajBhog was spongy, Did not like it much.

We took a metro back to Gurgaon and saw a lot of Commonwealth Games volunteers dressed like this:

Once back Javed asked me to install Ubuntu on his new Dell laptop. So i did. He then proceeded to install Ruby on Rails. He is now trying to figure out how to write code on it.

Find the pictures here.


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