MeeGo hackers crash course

October 9, 2010 at 7:23 pm (FOSS)

The MeeGo netbook UX comes with Packagekit as its package manager. A default installation of the netbook UX will have both yum (Fedora) and zypper (openSuSE) as possible backends. zypper is enabled as the default backend for packagekit.

The MeeGo netbook ux UI is written using a toolkit called Clutter. It is based on Glib/Gtk. If you are interested in changing the look and feel of the panels themselves, you need to learn Clutter.

zypper has this really cool command called ‘source-install’. Say you want to make a few changes to the default landing screen (called myzone), here are the steps you need to follow.

Step 1: Enable all source repositories. You can execute ‘zypper lr’ (as root ofcourse) to see a list of repositories. To enable all repos just type ‘zypper mr -e –all’.

Step 2: zypper si moblin-panel-myzone

Step 3: cd $HOME/rpmbuild/SOURCES

Step 4: Untar the source code archive you find there. Make your changes and re-tar it using ‘tar czf moblin-panel-myzone-xxx.tar.gz moblin-panel-myzone-xxx’ (xxx = version).

Step 5: cd $HOME/rpmbuild/SPEC

Step 6: rpmbuild -ba –target xyz moblin-panel-myzone.spec.

Step 7: Find the new RPM at $HOME/rpmbuild/RPMS/xyz  where xyz is the target architecture (eg; i586). You may now install this rpm. Kill the existing running panel process and you will find your changes reflected in the UI.

If you do not find anything in $HOME/rpmbuild on executing ‘zypper si moblin-panel-myzone’, get the src.rpm from /var/cache/archive/ and install it manually using rpm -ivh *.src.rpm.

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