The burden of acquaintance

February 25, 2011 at 8:08 pm (Life)

People often forget that a person may change over a period of time. Sometimes quite significantly so; not just physically but also mentally. Some people change because they have matured with age and some people change because they have seen hardships in life. They may change for better or for worse.

I would say that I have changed as a person over the past 2 years. I am comfortable with this change. I have accepted it as a part of me. However I find myself in awkward positions when I meet old friends now. They expect me to behave a certain way. The way they have known me for years. They expect me to crack the same jokes and react the same way to certain situations, and if I do not, they ask you “What’s wrong?”.

Here is my answer to them: Nothing is wrong. I am evolving.




  1. Koushik Kumar Nundy said,

    The future’s in the air
    I can feel it everywhere
    Blowing with the wind of change

    Some things never change.

  2. satyakam goswami said,

    good , this i call growing… yes we all share the same experience ….

  3. shilpa said,

    everything changes with time..:)

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