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Who do we really trust?

We do not trust our elected representatives. Sometimes we do not trust our own friends. Some husbands do not trust their wives, and vice versa.

Yet, we trust doctors with our lives. We trust airline pilots. We lap up everything journalists and TV reporters have to offer. We trust hardware and software to take care of our data without fail. We trust facebook and GMail. We trust the locomotive engine driver who tears through dark nights and heavy woods onward to our destinations, while we sleep in peace.

Why do we trust these people?

I guess we trust the system these people are a part of, and not the people themselves. There is a general belief that it is not easy to become a Doctor. There is a general belief that becoming an airline pilot requires one to pass hundreds of tests and have thousands of hours of flying experience under ones belt (only recently proven to be false). Our trust in hardware and software, and GMail and facebook is not really well founded in my opinion. The locomotive driver though, is again a part of a well oiled public machinery.

I think the idea of electing ones representative is over-rated. I think it is impractical to expect people of a constituency to know their candidates in person. Unless you know the candidate well, there is no way of knowing if he will really deliver on his/her promises. 90% of the election manifestos say essentially the same thing, and the rest 10% hardly ever gets implemented.

I would rather have an independent body, like the UPSC, conduct some examination and training schedule for legislators. Lets see how these ‘selected’ legislators perform for 2 years or so. Then lets have an election to either keep or remove this representative. The efficacy of this scheme will depend on the kind of people who appear for this examination and also the kind of tests put in place to screen the candidates. This takes care of the mindless spendings in election rallies, and even the poorest but able person can become our leader. While setting the framework for such a scheme is certainly not easy, I have a gut feeling that the Indian ‘examination’ system is among the best in the world. That the ‘education’ system languishes behind, is apt subject for another blog post some other day.



  1. archana sinha said,

    I am not sure why we trust on some people and y not on others, but I would like to support this new idea of “selected legislators”.
    Although, its really difficult to predict the Exact Outcome of introducing “examination and training for leaders”, It can be given some thought for sure. A concrete framework needs to be designed for the best results.
    I am quite optimistic about the changes it might bring in the existing system(of politics) as currently it is leading us to no where.

  2. arun said,

    innovative idea……………

  3. ंंंंंंंंंंंंंंManish Yadav said,

    nice thought!! good!! keep it up.. 🙂 🙂

  4. debayan said,

    @Archana I am not commenting on why we trust people in our lives. That is a purely personal matter and choice. I am commenting on the issue of putting faith in the hands of people outside our innermost circle.

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