May 26, 2011 at 8:04 am (Life)

This year’s UPSC Civil Services results show that 44% of the successful candidates were engineers. Around 10% were doctors.
Every year there are several IITians who have in their erstwhile entrance-exam heydays ranked in the top 10 in the country. This year there was a doctor from AIIMS who figured in the top 10.
Why, one may ask, do these obviously gifted specialists chose to enter this generalist field.
The answer for most candidates is power and respect. While most candidates would not betray the ‘power’ reason during the interview, it is never the less true. That experienced civil servants will tell you that there is little power to be wielded under a unscrupulous minister, does not deter most people, and that is a good thing.
I understand these reasons. They do not move me so much.
A school friend of mine (never liked him so much) got in touch with me recently. He has been preparing for this very exam. He started off by berating how us engineers are filling the coffers of the western capitalists while he is trying to push our nation to new heights by becoming a bureaucrat. I did not see much sense in his talk. Reminded me of my previous self. (He also quipped that the Ambassador with the red light on top attracts him more than a BMW or a Mercedes)
I think if we really want to help our nation we need to create wealth. We need to gather the wealth of the world and put it to use for our nation. Industrialists and entrepreneurs do this. We should pay them their due respect. Most entrepreneurs go through very difficult phases in their lives to innovate and sustain, and most fail.

What would be a ‘noble’ motivation to appear for this examination then? It is undoubtedly the toughest exam in the world (confirmed by the concerned wikipedia article as well).

This reminded me of the Mandarin movie ‘Hero’, starring Jet Li. Jet Li’s character having mastered swordmanship over a period of 10 years decides to let go of his sword. He realises that once the highest echelons of his craft have been reached, he no longer requires a sword in his hand to be himself.

Reaching, or even realising, the true purpose of your craft or skill makes you a more matured person. Science for example is a tool for the advancement of our planet. If in the course of your work you think you are not serving that purpose, or if you could go to a place where you can serve that purpose better, by all means you should move.

There will always be the 99% share of people who are in this fray for the power. The rest 1% are in it because they need a larger canvas to paint on.


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