Shoulders and Stars

June 3, 2011 at 5:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Men are often defined by how broad their shoulders are. In the ages of hunting and gathering a broader shoulder probably meant the amount of food he could carry back to his home. Today, it’s more of a parlance than of practical purpose. Yet, the symbolism is fabulous.

Shoulders have been ornamented and decorated for centuries. The earliest record of this practice points to the Roman Civilisation. It continues to this day. The shoulder boards that our armed forces personnel and policemen carry are called “epaulettes”. The ceremony where they are thus adorned is known as “piping ceremony”.

We choose from among us the people who are fit to carry the heaviest of burdens and place stars on their shoulders.They carry this with pride. Carrying stars on your shoulders almost suggests that you can carry the weight of the universe on your own. Sometimes, the heavier the burden, the more stars you get to carry.

There is a sense of harmony in this arrangement. The stars find a shoulder, and the shoulder finds it’s stars.



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