Random Conversation – 1

July 15, 2011 at 3:31 pm (Uncategorized)

I was in JNU last weekend to celebrate Sayantika’s birthday. She introduced me to a friend of hers who is pursuing PhD in International Politics. He works at IDSA as well.
Deep into the night on the roof of the Mandavi Hostel we were discussing how the bureaucracy can be be course corrected. I was of the opinion that people who have strong opinions on the matter should actually join the bureaucracy so they can bring about the change.
The PhD student friend argued against it. He maintained that becoming a part of the system does not help because the system is designed so that individual endeavours fail. He said external pressure was the only way to keep the bureaucracy on track.
I thought about it. I realised that maybe both approaches are required. External guidance is required to stay on track, much like a ship requires a north star, or a light house, or a GPS satellite. However the speed and efficiency of the ship’s movement and motion itself can only be controlled by the ship’s crew.
We do need the pressure of an eye on people in power, but whether they perform well in their individual capacities depends on the quality of the people in power.

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