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November 8, 2011 at 5:07 pm (Uncategorized)

When I joined nivio I was supposed to build a Linux distribution that integrated all of nivio’s offerings. We did that in about 6 months or so. The next few months were spent in making some customisation based on our clients’ needs. Then came a lull period. In that lull period my team started taking over backend tasks such as writing automated test framework for our products and writing monitoring scripts for our servers. In the process I also got to rebuild some custom drivers and kernels. That was fun.

We designed a centrallised logs and stats collection framework. We used flume for that, which was originally developed by facebook.

Then my company decided to move more and more servers to Linux (most of our servers were originally on Windows). I had to start wearing the infrastructure engineer hat. Played with a lot of cutting edge technologies (map reduce, hadoop) on cutting edge platforms (Rackspace, Amazon) and large scale automated deployments.  In the mean time my team started reading up on Linux admin bits and we started giving each others tutorials on some topics.

In trying to get our customers to access our cloud services from behind restrictive network environments we have to delve deep into network packet structures. We try to understand how we can overcome restrictions. That is fun.

nivio keeps talking to a lot of companies that are interested in mass-producing cheap tablets/netbooks and I get to meet some of the senior people as well. That is quite a thrill. I have even gone to some customers with sales people and have tried to explain the technical specs of the product. This is all a rich learning experience that only a start-up can provide.

I never thought I would last for more than a year in any company, but just when I start to lose interest something new and interesting drops into my lap. My team’s quality is good and they make me proud from time to time. That also motivates me.

Currently we are a team of 7 people and people call us the “Linux Team”

With a lot of humility I wish to say that I love my work.


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