Would it not be nice to be rich

November 14, 2011 at 6:51 am (Uncategorized)

… so you can give it all away before you die?

Yes. I have come to realise that all of us able bodied and educated people with a ray of hope of doing well in life are actually representatives of all the downtrodden and disabled people of this planet. We are supposed to collect resources for them, and then distribute it among them. In a way that is what Industrialists should be doing.

Some do it, some do not.



  1. viggy said,

    So u r saying that while dying u want to give away things that u wont be needing anymore? People do that always. They are very glad to give away things which they do not need. Question is can u give away things which do matter to you but probably matters much more to other people at that moment.

    • debayan said,

      Good point. So lets say someone is blind and needs an eye. I have two eyes. Can I give him one and keep one?
      Interesting question.
      I have to perform at the peak of my abilities to reach my true potential. Sachin could not have been a great cricket player if he spent all the money he had in feeding poor people and not buy a cricket bat. What Sachin can do today is keep a 2 BHK flat and 40 lakhs in the bank account for himself and his children’s education and give everything away.

      There is another tricky topic. Can you say with confidence that you are a good person. That you have a clean conscience, and are not evil. Can you claim to be a morally superior person? The irony is that the people who truly are so will never claim it, but these are the people who need to be the richest and the most powerful.

      • viggy said,

        I am not sure if I can say what Sachin should do morally. My question is now that u have realized that we should do something for the needy, what do you think in ur current situation can you give to help them?
        Knowledge, Money, Time?

      • debayan said,

        Everything you possibly can. But that is not such a simple question.
        Should I now spend my time on the streets looking after the destitute, or should I spend my time studying so I can become a powerful bureaucrat to make systemic changes? Should I enter politics?

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