The burden of ability

December 5, 2011 at 1:34 pm (Uncategorized)

Employment is a key development narrative in India’s battle with poverty. You could give a poor person 1000 Rs today, but he will spend the money drinking and gambling. You give him a job and he will slowly learn how to save money and put it to good use.

The people who generate employment are industrialists and entrepreneurs. Most industrialists and entrepreneurs were ordinary men once and they made it big through hard work, intelligence and perseverance. The wheel of human development hinges on the axle that industrialists forge, not just for technological advancement, but also mass employment.

If there are not enough jobs today it is because so many of us who could be entrepreneurs and industrialists never thought of giving it a try. It does carry risks and is easier said than done, but for each one of us able people who decides not to take it to the larger grander scale, we fail hundreds of people who we could potentially have employed.

If all of us remain employees forever, we will all be out of jobs, no?



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