My RTI with Delhi Transport Corporation

November 21, 2014 at 6:58 pm (Uncategorized)

Delhi is unique in many ways. One which caught my eye is the fact that bus conductors in Delhi remain seated while passengers crowd around him to get tickets. This is quite different to how things happen in other cities I have been to.

This behaviour causes several problems. I saw a woman with a child struggling to find her balance waiting for the conductor to give her a ticket. I found it quite shameful.

So I did an RTI asking which clause or which order, if any, mandates this permanent seating behaviour by conductors. (RTI No, TR/SH/RTI/ID-1917/2014/4983).

The RTI mentiond a 1990 order passed by the then Surface Transport secretary V. Sankaralingam. Apparently the conductors have always had a seat but in 1990 they went on a strike and as a punishment to them the previous transport minister banned conductors from even having a seat! After ministry change the decision to restore the seats were taken.

Now this reply does not actually answer my question at all! I am not against conductors having a seat to themselves, which all conductors have in other cities as well. The reply did not mention why they remain seated throughout the journey.

So I will now write a letter to the Surface Transport Ministry.


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