My harrowing German student visa interview experience

February 20, 2017 at 4:42 pm (Uncategorized)

This is a complaint regarding the unprofessional and rude behaviour I faced from the vfs staff today during my visa interview.

My web reference number is NDEM/040117/7698/01 and I applied for a student visa at the Delhi German embassy.

My interview was scheduled at 14:00 hours. I reached on time. I was sent to counter number 2 which was handled by a young woman of Indian origin. When I reached she was handling a person from Punjab, a 21 year old male. He had a lot of missing documents and had a hard time following her instructions. He also did not have a printed application form. All of this led to a lot of time wastage which made the lady handling the counter visibly upset and disturbed.

When after almost 30 minutes my turn came it turns out I too did not have a printed application form at which she again lost her temper and started saying things like “what is wrong with people today, this is not a joke, this is a visa interview”. She then handed me a printed form to fill up and said “fill this up within 5 minutes”. Having been put under pressure I filled up the first page and asked her if I should fill up the rest of the pages as well at which she retorted “What kind of question is that? Isn’t that obvious?”
I proceeded to fill up rest of the form. There were fields which I was not sure about and things I did not remember clearly but I did not have the courage to ask her for help since she was behaving extremely rudely. I must have made some mistakes in the process. She then said “Why can you not fill up a form properly? Is this a joke?”. She then saw a slight smile on my face, which is just how a gentleman behaves in times of distress and nervousness at which she said “You have a smile on your face, I do not know what it means.”.

At this point a German gentleman standing behind her intervened and asked her what the problem is. He politely told me that “Sir we do not accept incomplete forms” at which I said I am sorry and that I will fill it up promptly. I felt reassured by his behaviour.

She then asked me if I have brought money. I said Yes. She asked how much. I said enough. She then said “Are you lying?” I was once again flabbergasted at her manner!

I hope this complaint finds its way to the right person who can tell her that she is doing disservice to the German diplomatic community. She needs to learn to keep her calm under all circumstances and not behave like a child, and not treat adults like children either.


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