Hi. Dont know what to say.



  1. Balaji Rao said,

    Hi Mr. Debian Banerjee! err sorry, Debayan Banerjee.. Just kidding!

    Best of luck!

  2. Binny Thomas said,


    I am Binny Thomas, representing the website Ubuntu Manual. As the name suggests UM is a site that delivers content related to Ubuntu, its derivatives and related software. We are looking to expand our website and are seeking talented writers familiar with Ubuntu or similar open source software to include in our community of writers.

    We had come across your blog on the web and was wondering whether you would be interested in writing for us. We can provide sufficient compensation for your writings and would love to have you as one of our writers.

    I will provide you with the rest of the details if you are interested.


    Binny Thomas,
    Ubuntu Manual

    • debayan said,

      Hi Binny,

      I am interested in your offer. Kindly provide me with some more details in this regard.


  3. Dr. Sabari said,

    Dear Debayan Banerjee,

    We are also working on OCR for Indian Languages. We would like to invite you to our center for a talk on OCROpus. Our students are very much interested in the filed of OCR.
    Please reply to us ASAP

    Dr. Sabari
    Amrita University, Coimbatore

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